Thursday, May 13, 2010

President Obama Declares Victory in "War on Error"

Washington, D.C.--After a second attempted terrorist attack on the American homeland in five months failed solely due to terrorist incompetence, the Obama Administration celebrated victory in the "war on error."

"Our multi-billion dollar national security system completely failed to prevent two terrorists with ties to high-level Islamic radicals overseas from sneaking bombs onto a flight bound for Detroit and a car parked in Times Square," said President Obama. "But thanks to dumb luck, the bombs failed to detonate."

After noting that the U.S. would continue to treat terrorists sworn to kill as many innocent Americans as possible like ordinary criminals subject to prosecution after the fact -- rather than as wartime enemies who should be stopped before they attempt mass murder -- Obama closed his remarks by assuring the American people that "We will try our luck in the war on error until every last person who would do us harm fails of their own stupidity."

Associated article: Washington Times

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