Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Justice Department Presses Times Square Bomber on Possible Tea Party Sympathies and Opposition to Arizona Immigration Enforcement Law

New York, New York--Based on suggestions from civil liberties groups, the Justice Department is focusing its interrogation of the Times Square bomber on his possible Tea Party sympathies and support for Arizona's law that enforces rules against illegal immigration.

"From what I read and see in the media," said Attorney General Eric Holder, "lots of people are upset because the federal government has not done its job securing the nation's borders, and those people could be prone to violence. The Times Square bomber just became a naturalized citizen in 2009, but since then he visited his home country of Pakistan and received bomb training and was later caught on a flight headed for Dubai, indicating he may have become alienated by what the ACLU and pro-illegal immigration groups have called domestic Gestapo-like anti-illegal immigration policies."

Associated articles: ABC News; Washington Times

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