Monday, May 10, 2010

Diversity Advocates Object to Obama's Nomination of "Yet Another Harvard Dweeb" to the Supreme Court

Washington, D.C.--With all the current Supreme Court Justices having gone to Ivy League law schools -- predominantly Harvard and Yale -- President Obama's nomination of "yet another total dweeb" to the nation's highest court deeply disappointed those advocating for more diversity on the federal bench.

"If Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan is approved by the Senate," said one frustrated advocate, "every single Supreme Court Justice will have gone to law school at either Harvard or Yale. Do we really want all the judicial arbiters of our constitutional freedoms to be pompous cocktail party a-holes?"

Responding to critics who questioned whether Obama had followed through on his promise to appoint judges to the Supreme Court who would sympathize with ordinary Americans, White House officials assured reporters that "With Elena Kagan's seating on the Court, each and every Justice will know what it means to be down-and-out. After all, every year there's a losing team at the Harvard-Yale Regatta."

Associated articles: MSNBC; Washington Post

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