Friday, October 9, 2009

Saturday Night Live Obama Impersonator Accepts Nobel Prize on Behalf of President, Says "What? This Wasn't a Joke?"

Stockholm, Sweden--The guy who impersonates Barack Obama on the comedy show "Saturday Night Live" accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the U.S. president, saying "What? This isn't a joke?" The comedian had performed a skit just a week earlier parodying Obama's accomplishing only two things -- "jack and squat" -- while in office so far.

"Dude," said the comedian, "Mahatma Gandhi didn't even win the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama was nominated for it after just ten days in office."

The Reuters news services noted Obama has been president "less than nine months into his first term" and that he "has yet to score a major foreign policy success."

In receiving the award, Obama follows in the footsteps of other failed Democrats, including Jimmy Carter and Al Gore.

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