Thursday, October 15, 2009

Seniors Warned Not to Trust Strange Presidents With Candy, $250 Government Checks

As President Obama continues to support health care changes that would dramatically cut Medicare payments to seniors and invite medical services rationing by the government, the White House has become increasingly concerned it will lose the support of the elderly now that the formula according to which Social Security increases are calculated resulted in no added benefits this year, due to a poor economy.

Consequently, authorities are concerned now that the administration is supporting payments to seniors in an attempt to pacify them, and officials are warning the elderly to beware strange presidents with candy and $250 checks.

“We’ve seen increasing reports of a fellow in a black limousine, pulling up beside older people, and offering them lollipops and government checks,” said police. “We’re strongly urging folks to beware these tactics, for their own safety.”

Associated articles:;; CNBC

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