Thursday, April 15, 2010

White House to Increase Use of Money Hoses to Pacify Democratic Constituencies

Washington, D.C.--As the Obama Administration pursues increasingly radical policies that are alienating independent and Republican voters, it has turned to granting special favors to its base constituencies, including unions, to boost support for its legislative agenda.

But as controversy surrounding that agenda grows even more intense, so does the administration's need to shore up its base, and fast. As a result, the White House has begun using money hoses at more and more rallies to pacify potentially disgruntled Democratic constituencies.

"We needed to get the cash out the door quicker," said one administration official. "So we've begun shooting billions of dollars at supporters with money hoses mounted on trucks."

One defender of President Obama said he liked the new delivery system, but that "they could reduce the velocity just a tad. I've already gotten a few paper cuts from the dousings."

Associated article: Big Government

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