Monday, April 26, 2010

Neanderthal Wins Lawsuit Against Gay Group

San Francisco, California--After federal courts began requiring Christian groups to allow gay members to join their organizations, a Neanderthal won a landmark legal ruling after he sued to join a gay pride organization.

A spokesman for the Neanderthal Rights Association hailed the decision, saying "If gays and lesbians can force themselves into religious organizations that are defined by their opposition to homosexual conduct, then we Neanderthals should be able to become members of a gay pride organization that disagrees with our lifestyle -- even if our lifestyle involves grunting loudly whenever we want, not bathing, and defecating wherever we please."

The president of the National Gay Pride League issued a press release condemning the decision, which stated "This Neanderthal doesn't believe in our sense of fashion, he disagrees with our objections to clubbing, and his propensity to eat raw meat while squatting is going to be very disruptive to our gay pride meetings."

Associated articles: Christian Legal Society; Seattle Times; George Will

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