Thursday, April 29, 2010

South Park Creators Concerned New Comedy Central Humor Review Board Will Limit Their Creativity

New York, New York--The Comedy Central network recently aired an episode of the irreverent "South Park" cartoon -- a series that has relentlessly mocked all aspects of American society -- that depicted a Muslim prophet in a bear costume. That reportedly offended some radical Muslims who suggested the cartoon's creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone would be killed for blasphemy.

In response to those threats, Comedy Central instituted an internal review procedure that Parker and Stone say may limit their creative expression.

"They have two terrorists hovering over us with bloody hacksaws," said Parker. "It's a bit heavy-handed."

A Comedy Central spokesperson defended the new review process, saying "Why should this network outsource a censorship policy when we're fully capable of operating it in-house?"

Associated article: Ross Douthat

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