Thursday, December 10, 2009

Senators Urge Passage of Unpopular Health Care Bill "For The People Who Got Obama Tattoos"

Washington, D.C.--As popular support for a massive bill to create a government-run health care system dwindles, Democratic Senators urged their colleagues to pass the legislation "for all the people who got Obama tattoos."

As it's become increasingly clear that the legislation won't help seniors because it would cut hundreds of billions of dollars from the Medicare program, that it won't help young people because it will increase their health care costs, and that it won't help middle-aged people because it will raise their taxes, Senators pushed the legislation on behalf of those few Americans who branded themselves permanently with the personification of "change" in order to "save what's left of those people's pride."

"Many Americans engaged in a profound expression of faith by grafting onto their bodies symbols and images of their cult leader," said one Senator, "and we shouldn't let them down by failing to pass the President's health care bill."

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