Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ACLU "Not Concerned At All" That the Names of Over 350 Million Americans Are on a "Not Safe to Be Flying" List

Washington, D.C.--After filing "privacy" lawsuits that prevented the compilation of a comprehensive terrorist "No-Fly" list that would keep known and dangerous jihadists from being able to board airplanes, the American Civil Liberties Union announced that it was "completely satisfied" that the names of over 350 million Americans remained on the "Not Safe to Be Flying" list.

"The ACLU is pleased to announce that we are not concerned in the least bit that hundreds of millions of Americans remain in danger while flying thanks to our reckless lawsuits that unduly restrict the government's ability to create a thorough list of individuals who should not be allowed to board aircraft due to their ties to terrorism," said an ACLU spokeswoman.

Associated article: Los Angeles Times

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