Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Police Round Up Notorious Gang "The Hockey Stick CRU" in International Sting Operation

Police worldwide moved in on the notorious gang called "The Hockey Stick CRU" late yesterday, part of an international sting operation that advertised government funding in return for politically-favored research results.

Police said CRU members -- scientists associated with the Climatic Research Unit who sport distinctive flaming hockey stick tattoos symbolizing a fanatical devotion to the notion of human-caused global warming -- flocked to a "call for papers" from a United Nations front group.

"These guys are wanted for manipulating science, hijacking the peer review process to enforce global warming dogma, and cheering the deaths of skeptical colleagues," said one officer involved in the sting.

The gang had used fraud to corner the market on the world's largest temperature data set until an informant exposed their operations.

When police made their appearance known and made requests under the Freedom of Information Act, many CRU members tried to swallow evidence that contradicted their preferred theories.

One suspect even tried "stuffing documents up his rear," only to end up with "some nasty paper cuts, stained pants, and a tarnished reputation."

Associated article: RealClearPolitics; Washington Times; Watts Up With That; London Times

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