Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anticipating Effects of Cap-and-Tax Energy Bill, Employers Institute Carbon Footprint Hiring Discrimination

Anticipating the negative economic effects of federal legislation imposing huge taxes and strict limits on energy use, employers nationwide are adopting hiring policies that discriminate against those with carbon footprints.

"When the government raises some of our costs of doing business," said one employer, "we have to cut our costs in other areas. So potential employees with energy-draining carbon footprints are increasingly being shown the door."

One rejected job applicant said "I was told that if they hired me, they'd have to unplug an entire section of their production center."

Employment counselors are suggesting job applicants consider approaching potential employers in ways they may find more acceptable in the current regulatory environment. Those suggestions include presenting oneself at a job interview "as a plant, or some other, non-human life form."

Associated article: Washington Times

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