Friday, November 13, 2009

Law Enforcement Officials Replace "Good Cop, Bad Cop" Routine with "Good Cop, Super-Sensitive Hippie" Routine

Facing pressures to be more "politically correct" in its anti-terrorism investigations, law enforcement officials nationwide are increasingly abandoning the "good cop, bad cop" method of interrogation in favor of a "good cop, super-sensitive hippie" routine.

"The new interrogation style is more attuned to empathizing with a terrorists' deep-seated angst," said one interrogator. "If a terrorist finds himself between one cop -- the good cop -- who offers him sympathy, and another person -- the super-sensitive hippie -- who offers him abject adoring kindness, we hope hardened religiously-motivated mass murders will come to 'smell the coffee' -- or at least the warm, comforting hot chocolate we offer them by the gallon."

Associated article: Krauthammer

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