Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Al Gore Charged with "Leveraging Alarmism" in Giant Global Warming Ponzi Scheme

New York, New York--Al Gore has invested millions of dollars in business ventures -- such as carbon trading and waterless urinal firms -- that stand to make huge profits if Congress enacts the policy mandates he advocates.

Now, Mr. Gore has come under scrutiny for "leveraging alarmism" in what federal officials call a "giant global warming Ponzi scheme."

Investigators said that while the empirical evidence of human-caused global warming has proven lacking over time, Mr. Gore "fomented exaggerations and distortions" of the science to create an "ever-widening pool of suckers" that would support increasingly draconian federal policies. Those policies would help Mr. Gore's business ventures at the expense of the nation's small businesses, which would become less competitive and suffer financially in the face of increased energy costs.

Mr. Gore defended his actions, saying "While I may have helped dig the American economy into a deeper and deeper hole, at least that hole is green-friendly."

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