Thursday, November 12, 2009

Authorities Defend New "Paint By Numbers" Approach to Terrorism Investigations As "So Much More Fun" Than the Old "Connect the Dots" Method

Washington, D.C.--Responding to criticism that sensitivities to "political correctness" failed to prevent the mass murders committed by Nidal Hasan at the Fort Hood army post, FBI and military officials defended the new "paint by numbers" approach to terrorism investigations as "just so much more fun" than the old "connect the dots" method.

Administration officials said that under paint by numbers, "You start out with assumptions about how the world should be, which makes painting a utopian vision so much easier. Whereas under the connect the dots approach, you first have to discover the dots wherever they might appear, which tends to make for a much uglier picture."

"The connect the dots approach is mind-numbing," bemoaned another law enforcement official. "Paint by numbers is so much more colorful!"

Associated articles: Washington Times; Weekly Standard; Senate Report

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