Sunday, August 16, 2009

Members of Congress Who Skipped August Town Hall Meetings Found in Tijuana Bar

Tijuana, Mexico--Many were concerned when an unusually large number of Members of Congress failed to meet with their constituents at town hall meetings this summer to hear their concerns regarding controversial proposals to change the health care system, raise energy costs, and spend trillions of dollars on spending projects.

Those concerns were assuaged when many of those missing House and Senate Members were spotted at a popular Tijuana bar.

Spokespeople for the various congressional offices expressed relief, saying “At least we know they’re safe from their constituents.”

The Tijuana bar manager was also pleased with the turnout. “The Congress people told us universal health care in the U.S. would cover illegal aliens,” he said. “So we gave them free shots.”

Patrons cheered contestants who danced on the bar as part of a special “amateur night” for U.S. legislators.

Meanwhile, on the sidewalk outside the bar, employees of the community activist group ACORN were seen snapping cards in their hands to get the attention of passers-by so they could give them voter registration forms.

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