Thursday, July 9, 2009

White House Furthers Its “Commitment to Transparency” By Requiring That Official Meeting Records Be Written on Plastic Wrap, with Invisible Ink

Washington, D.C.--Following a report in the New York Times that Obama White House “climate czar” Carol Browner instructed auto industry executives “to put nothing in writing, ever” regarding the deliberations that occurred at official energy policy meetings, concerns were raised that such instructions might violate a federal law that requires the preservation of documents concerning significant policy decisions.

As a result, Browner issued new orders that any records of what occurs at policy meetings “be written on plastic wrap, with invisible ink.”

At a press conference, Browner defended her new instructions, saying she was merely “following this Administration’s strong commitment to transparency.” To demonstrate, she held up what she claimed to be a large stack of official meeting minutes, saying “Look, you can see right through them. It's like they're invisible. It doesn’t get more transparent than that.”

The policy change followed other news that Administration officials suppressed a study by an EPA economist that warned of the damaging economic consequences that would befall small businesses if carbon dioxide gases were regulated as illegal emissions under the Clean Air Act.

Browner added that, in the future, all studies casting doubt on Administration proposals “will also be subject to the new translucent records policy.”

Associated articles:; Politico