Monday, December 20, 2010

First Prize at Local Science Fair Goes to Student with Global Warming Display Behind Black Curtain

Derbyville, New York--Junior high school student Cody Burroughs won first place in the local science fair for his alleged display of the science proving human-caused global warming, which remained hidden behind a thick black curtain.

"The conclusions Cody came to so confirmed the prevailing consensus that we found it unnecessary to look behind the curtain," said one of the judges.

Other judges said they were impressed by Cody's assiduous deletion of any emails in his possession that would have cast doubt on the validity of the claims he made, and his encouragement of classmates to ignore any student who offered evidence to rebut his theories.

The judges said that in evaluating the science fair projects, they used the same criteria applied by the "Independent Climate Change Email Review," which papered over the recent Climategate scandal.

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