Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Advisers Recommend Obama Scale Back Efforts to Teach Young People Personal Irresponsibility, Saying President Should "Focus on Smoking for Now"

Washington, D.C.--Worried that the President has spread himself too thin by encouraging people, especially young people, to act irresponsibly by promoting government handouts in such diverse fields as car ownership, school loans, and home ownership, top White House advisers are strongly encouraging Obama to scale back his efforts "and limit his focus for the moment to smoking."

"Smoking helps the President relax despite well-known negative consequences," said one administration official. "We think he should stick to that example for our nation's youth, rather than trying to tackle too many drunken-sailor programs at once."

Administration officials said the President could always return to promoting his many other personal irresponsibility programs, but that for now, with dropping poll numbers, "he needs to stop overextending himself and take things one step at a time."