Friday, September 17, 2010

McDonald's Sponsors Super-Sized Constitution Exhibit at National Archives

Washington, D.C.--Junk food giant McDonald's is sponsoring an exhibit on the "Super-Sized Constitution" at the National Archives which will feature the much-bloated version of the Constitution imagined by supporters of an equally super-sized national government.

"Now that it's accepted by political elites that the nation's founding document is larded up with all sorts of extra-constitutional powers for federal authorities," said a McDonald's spokesperson, "we thought it was time to help fund a display highlighting all the extra crap the ruling class demands be glommed onto the Supreme Law of the Land."

Some of those highlights include the federal government's control of segments of the auto industry, the financial services industry, home loan policies, college payments, and the entire health care industry.

"Federal legislators and lifetime-tenured judges have long relied on the super-sized Constitution to justify their imposition of their own policy preferences on the American people," said an Archives official. "We're pleased McDonald's is sponsoring this exhibit so the nation's citizens can finally see the Constitution as it's perceived by their political overlords."

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