Thursday, September 9, 2010

Unemployment Up Further as Potential Job Seekers Hide from "Evil, Greedy" Corporations

Economics experts say the nation's abysmal unemployment rate results in part from "an alarming increase in reports of evil, greedy corporations."

As federal officials in the Obama Administration cite more and more instances of private industry skullduggery, experts say people have become terrified to leave their homes lest they be scooped up by one of the many nightmarish corporations President Obama and Democrats in Congress have warned them about.

"I heard Obama say greedy businesses routinely cut corners and impose risks on workers," said one terrified former job applicant curled up in a dark corner of their bedroom. "If it weren't for his repeated public warnings, I might be working inside the belly of one of those corporate beasts today."

Associated articles: Wall Street Journal; Wall Street Journal 1

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