Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Government Politicians Concerned with Latest Fashion Trend

by gustof

New York, New York--The American fashion scene is abuzz with the latest design trend reflecting a hip new interest in the Constitution's limited government principles.

The latest designs floated like a bold armada into a recent show in New York, where the fashions displayed a "Don't Treat on Me" attitude.

Felt three-cornered hats, horsehair wigs, closely-cut knee-length coats, and narrow-fit shoulders and sleeves complemented waistcoats, breeches, and cotton stockings in a retro celebration of independent spirit.

This columnist notes that in addition to the usual fashionistas who appear along the runway, this year's attendees included an array of Democratic Party campaign consultants who watched in horror as the Spirit of 1776 seemed to possess their dreams of a more socially engineered scene.

This critic left the show ready to rock and revolt and feeling like a Hessian. (Can't argue with the gift bag, either, which contained pocket versions of America's founding documents and a paperback edition of the Federalist Papers.)

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