Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Local Small Business Owners Featured on Special "Economic Uncertainty" Edition of Hoarders

Washington, D.C.--Beth Capps and Judy Freelander are two of several local small business owners to be featured in the latest season of the popular television show "Hoarders," which features the plight of victims of obsessive pack-rat habits.

The idea behind the new segments came from recent economic trends in which businesses have cash on hand, but more and more are saving that money instead of using it to hire workers because they fear rising health care and energy costs, higher taxes, and other items on the Democrats' agenda.

"It all began in early 2009," said Beth. We were watching President Obama's inauguration speech, and we realized the massive government programs he was outlining meant we couldn't risk parting with our cash any longer."

Judy said her daughter would come visit the shop and offer to help clean out some of the unsightly wads of dollars that were clogging her hallways, "but I told her no, because I might need that some day to pay much higher costs of doing business."

A spokesman for the A&E Network, which airs the program, said pending energy legislation and the already enacted government-run health care law "bode well for many more episodes of Hoarders: Small Business."

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