Thursday, July 29, 2010

Obama Administration Debuts New Social Engineering Site

Washington, D.C.--The Obama White House today announced the debut of a new "social engineering" website called Taxbasebook through which the federal government could monitor private citizens' every move and craft regulatory policies accordingly.

"We're already seeing lots of updates from people saying how much they're enjoying the latest Starbucks latte," said one administration official, "so we're sending proposed latte tax legislation to Congress."

A White House spokesman said that on Taxbasebook, unlike Facebook, there won't be an option to deny a friendship request from the government, and accepting a Taxbasebook friend request will allow the Obama Administration to share members' personal information with the IRS, the Census Bureau, and the Department of Health and Human Services, and to more efficiently announce tax rate increases to the Taxbasebook community.

"It's weird that everyone's pictures are tagged Sucka," said one new Taxbasebook member, "but I'm looking forward to getting to know all my new 3,042,965 federal bureaucrat Taxbasbook friends."

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