Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guest Columnist: The Solution to All Our Problems Lies in Jon Stewart's Snarky Facial Expressions

by Ed Tang, media columnist

Many people get their news from The Daily Show, hosted by leftist comedian Jon Stewart. His snarky, sarcastic commentary frames the debate surrounding the most important issues of the day and relentlessly parodies the official response to major crises.

But if you look closely, you'll find that every weeknight you're looking not just at a skilled leftist comedian. You're looking right in the face of the solution to all our nation's problems without even realizing it. That face is Jon Stewart's.

As liberals, emotion guides public policy, and there is much emotion in Stewart's multifaceted visage. The expressions that punctuate every punchline brim with protean wisdom. If his quips describe the problem, then his snarky expressions must define the solution.

How to provide cheap and efficient energy to improve the lives of individuals and their families? The answer lies is a downturned nose and raised eyebrows. How to ensure maximum choice in health care options? Look no further than the touch of a hand to an impish smirk. The perils to avoid? These are mapped in an elaborate rubbing of hands and intertwining of fingers.

If we look to comedians to frame the issues of the day, we must look at them closely enough to discern the solutions we need. If America's utopians were ever to craft a platform for change, let it be the indelible image of Stewart's furrowed brow.

Associated article: Politfact

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