Friday, July 16, 2010

Results of White House Dog Sanctions Policy Similar to Iran Sanctions Policy

Washington, D.C.--The Obama Administration acknowledged today that its sanctions policy regarding the White House dog Bo was yielding results similar to its sanctions policy regarding Iran. But administration officials said they remain determined to "send an unmistakable message" to the unruly dog after he left another unfortunate gift on the Yellow Room dining table.

"This misplaced duty on the part of one rogue hound," said Obama, "will be met with the resolute fulfillment of my responsibility to use every diplomatic resource I have to help ensure we achieve meaningful domestic relations. I can assure everyone that these discussions will continue until a lasting agreement is achieved that is accommodating to all concerned."

Bo reacted to the President's remarks by chewing on the drapes, then urinating on an antique sofa leg.

Associated articles: Krauthammer; Foreign Policy

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