Thursday, March 11, 2010

With Polls Overwhelmingly Against Them, Democrats Invoke "Louise Slaughter Rule"

Washington, D.C.--With polls showing the American people strongly opposed to the Democrats' plan for government-run health care, House Rules Committee chairwoman Louise Slaughter invoked the "Slaughter Rule."

But whereas the "slaughter rule" in sports allows a team facing an opponent with an overwhelming lead to bring an early end to the game by conceding defeat, the "Slaughter Rule" in politics would allow the House to pass unpopular legislation by passing a new "rule" that would "deem" the legislation passed.

Rep. Slaughter defended the rule, saying it was necessary because "The politics of health care, like baseball, doesn't have a game clock that would otherwise put a merciful end to Democrats' agony."

Associated article: CongressDaily

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