Monday, March 22, 2010

Passage of Unpopular Government-Run Health Care Bill Traced Back to Really Bad Social Studies Teacher

Gladstone, Michigan--The House passed an unpopular bill to create a government-run health care system thanks to the deciding votes cast by a handful of Democrats led by Bart Stupak of Michigan, who had opposed a provision of the law that allowed federal taxpayer money to be used to fund abortions. Rep. Stupak ultimately agreed to support the legislation, giving it a bare majority, after President Obama agreed to sign an executive order he said would trump the text of the statute passed by the House and Senate.

But of course, an order signed by the president cannot override the text of a statute, as most high school students should know.

Subsequent investigations traced the passage of the Democrat's government-run health care program to Henry Stanton, a "really, really bad" social studies teacher at Gladstone High School, Stupak's alma mater.

"Okay, I would sometimes make stuff up," said Mr. Stanton when reached for comment. "Look, my dream was to make balloon animals for a living. My heart wasn't really in the American government thing."

"I can see where Bart got the whole executive order idea," said one former classmate. "Mr. Stanton would often write students notes letting them attend pot parties in violation of school rules."

Associated article: Daily Caller

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