Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Analysts Predict Steep Rise in Zombie Menace Under Democratic Policies

Washington, D.C.--Analysts studying the government-run health care bill and other legislation signed into law by President Obama are predicting steep increases in the "zombie menace."

The forecasters said that while isolated zombie breakouts are usually caused by viruses or hazardous materials that emit radiation, a more widespread zombie contagion will likely be created by a series of "moral hazards," which economists define as occurring when peolpe are insulated from risks, and exercise less personal responsibility as a result.

"The ObamaCare legislation prohibits individuals from being able to pay for insurance that reflects their own lifestyle. It also requires people to pay for the risks others choose to impose on themselves," said one analyst. "And ObamaCare requires employers to let slacker children stay on their parents' health care plans until they're 26 years old."

The result will be dramatically increasing numbers of people who act irresponsibly knowing the government, using other people's money, will bail them out.

Possible antidotes to the zombie menace include several Republican-supported provisions that empower individuals -- such as tax credits and the power to buy insurance across state lines -- but those alternatives were rejected by Democrats as contrary to their agenda of spreading dependency on government.

"If policies that empower individuals are off the table," said one forecaster, "a good Plan B is to defend yourself against the approaching zombie hordes with blunt instruments, such as baseball bats and common garden tools."

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