Monday, January 11, 2010

Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid Introduces Resolution Celebrating Diversity in Sensitivity Standards

Washington, D.C.--After admitting to praising President Obama for being "light skinned" and having "no Negro dialect," Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid escaped any calls for his stepping down from his leadership position by any prominent officials in his own party.

"The failure of any leaders of the Democratic party to call for my censure, let alone my resignation, for my remarks has renewed my faith in double standards in the application of sensitivity rules," said an emotional Reid. "It has spurred me to introduce this congressional resolution celebrating diversity in sensitivity standards."

A spokesperson for Senator Reid told reporters that if anyone other than a liberal Democrat had said anything remotely similar to what the Senator said, "they would have been pilloried," and that "Senator Reid is deeply honored to be a leader of a political party that reflects all the character flaws of the larger population, with rank hypocrisy being particularly strongly represented."

Associated article: Washington Post

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