Sunday, September 13, 2009

Illegal Immigrant Advocate Yells “You Don’t Lie Convincingly Enough!” During Obama’s Health Care Address

Washington, D.C.--During President Obama’s health care address to Congress, an advocate for illegal aliens yelled “You don’t lie convincingly enough!” after the president said illegal aliens would not be covered under his health care plan.

The White House has now conceded that its health care legislation needs a proof of citizenship requirement to make its denial of federal health care benefits to illegal aliens effective.

The illegal immigration advocate later apologized for the outburst. However, he explained his breach of decorum by saying “I was overcome with emotion at the lameness of Obama’s obfuscation. If his misleading statement had been delivered more convincingly, the President and Congress would not have been pressured to amend the health care bill so its prohibition of federally-funded health care benefits to illegal aliens would have teeth.”

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