Monday, January 17, 2011

EPA Regulates Vegetarians as Their Methane Emissions Rival Those of Cows

Washington, D.C.--The Environmental Protection Agency is predicting an increase in human vegetarian diets consisting of the same harder-to-digest vegetable matter that causes cows to emit large quantities of carbon dioxide and methane gas. Consequently, the EPA will begin regulating vegetarian emissions beginning next year as part of its efforts to combat global warming.

"Let me be clear," said President Obama, announcing the plan, "Vegetarians eat vegetable matter just like cows do, and the body's inability to fully digest the many complex carbohydrates in the vegetarian diet results in the excessive production of carbon dioxide and methane. Vegetarians also don't eat cows, whose similar diets produce the same gases. The result is a vicious circle in which vegetarians and cows contribute to ever greater global warming gas emissions."

Associated article: The Straight Dope