Tuesday, October 19, 2010

People Beginning to Cough Up Pieces of Big Government

Washington, D.C.--In what researchers say is an ominous sign that the government has gotten "way too big," people are beginning to cough up huge chunks of big government.

"I was trying to eat breakfast," said one small business owner, "but then I suddenly felt a scratching in my throat, and before I knew it reams of IRS 1099 forms were spilling out of my mouth."

Experts say the ObamaCare law's requirement that small businesses file a separate 1099 form for every vendor they buy more than $600 of goods from is only "one small part of the government that has come to permeate all aspects of our lives" and that "without dramatic reductions in the government's paperwork emissions, this unhealthy trend is only going to get worse."

Associated article: CATO Institute

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