Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Congressman Proposes that Liberal Supreme Court Justice's Cell Phone Numbers Be Added to Constitution

Washington, D.C.--With liberal, judicial activist Supreme Court Justices increasingly ignoring the text of the Constitution and interpreting it in contorted ways that further their own policy preferences, Rep. John Fuller has introduced a constitutional amendment that would list the personal cell phone numbers of those Justices in the document's Article III.

"No one can be sure what the Constitution says any more without consulting the personal opinions of five of the nine unelected Supreme Court Justices," said Fuller. "So it only makes sense to make the Constitution more accessible to everyone by making the Justices more accessible."

Some legal scholars said being able to reach the Justices by phone could strengthen the rule of law by making it possible to determine "what side of the bed the Justices got out on on any given day." But other court observers said that if the amendment were adopted, the liberal judicial activist Justices would likely negate it through their own twisted reading.

Associated articles: USA Today

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